Welcoming the world to Colorado for a championship of a lifetime.

Fly fishing competitions are more than scores and trophies, they are about the friendships and bonds that are created through the mutual respect of fellow anglers and a passion for the water. All events aim to stay within the Olympic ideal, to foster friendship and understanding among all people, and peace in the world, through sport. Our fisheries are the venues that hold wild trout in cold water settings, with mountain peaks and vistas of the American west.


This championship is being produced by The America Cup, Inc.  The America Cup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes both competitive and amateur fly fishing at the national and international levels and provides program and monetary support to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  Learn more about The America Cup organization here.

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FIPS-Mouche helps to arrange World and Regional Flyfishing Championships. World Championships are held each year, and FIPS-Mouche demonstrates its commitment to Conservation by organizing a prestigious Conservation Symposium in conjunction with each. FIPS-Mouche is the abbreviation for Fédération Internationale de Peche Sportive Mouche, or in English the International Sport Flyfishing Federation. It is the flyfishing arm of CIPS, the World regulating body for competitive fishing in all disciplines.


The International Angling Confederation CIPS is an Organization of universal nature which has the goal to promote, coordinate and improve all the activities in touch with the fishing on a sporting point of view. Its sporting, technical, scientific or cultural activities are opened to all regardless of race, social level, politics or religion, according to the principles of the Olympic ideal.  The CIPS work stretches all around the world. It is the only organization which represents the great community of sport fishermen. Currently, 115 National Federations represent 50 million members from the different FIPS belonging to CIPS.